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Sep 28, 2001 1:48 AM by Discussion: WinCustomize Talk
from theme authors. I ported an Enlightenment theme awhile back to several applications. I have been trying to locate the author for several weeks to get permission to release it, to no avail. No contact info at, and the webmaster has none for him either.
Basically the question is, do I upload the skins and take them down if he asks, or just blow it off and keep them private?
I know a few of you frequent some of the linux sites as well, it is the creator of the MorphiusX e-theme and gtk theme that I have been trying to locate.
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Jun 27, 2001 11:42 AM by Discussion: WinCustomize Talk
Been out of town all week, so haven't had a chance to DL the newsgroups. How has the CD done? Was the initial response pretty decent. Just curious mainly. I know I ordered it, but haven't heard much about it since the release.
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